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Falaise Calvados France by hubert61

At firt sight, it is a awesome shot although fastidiously leaning to the right.
You should straighten it since you've used photoshop in post processing... 1° towards left is enough... but here you have the first problem: if you do it, you fastidiously cut the chimney... you must remember. when you take the photo, to stay alined to the grill of the display of the camera, or to let enough space to correct this problem in the post production.

The yellow tree in the back is very beautiful. It gifts colors in a picture otherwise flat, with no saturation due to the building facade which is in the shadow. I like saturation, but in this case, I agree with your choice. Very beautiful the spots of light .

Unfortunately, zooming the picture I see... OMG! What have you done?!
I know someone use this effect to give sharpness to their pictures, and it works effectively... but the picture is heavy ruined and I am very sorry about it.

Photoshop has other ways to obtain the same sharpness without to ruin the picture in so heavy way, such us using the filters. Try to do it, in the next times.

Finally, the picture was not so easy to take. My eyes are invited to watch it and it is very important... but more I watch it, more I discover fastidiously faults which make me sorry for a good occasion missed.

Ciao from Italy and from... Le Marche (Which is the name of the land where I live)
The Artist thought this was FAIR
2 out of 3 deviants thought this was fair.


hubert61 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012
This blurring is due to the limit of the sun, despite leaving shelters brought my left hand.
It is sometimes difficult to decide whether or not you should take a picture despite the technical constraints, I could not turn back I had a cliff behind me, so I declined the zoom, I have had too much water, and too green and I have had a serious problem with the sun. and then a zoom too I did lose the whole picture

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